Systemdek & Connoisseur BD1 Turntables Serviced

I’ve just finished restoring two lovely decks – a Systemdek with Rega RB250 arm, and a Connoisseur BD1.


The Systemdek had some strange symptoms: the platter would start turning in the wrong direction, there was a high level of vibration from the motor and the cartridge would not play a groove when it did turn in the right direction!… Read more

Turntable Repairs in Perth

Liquid Audio is proud to make turntable repairs available in Perth, along with other quality audio gear.

All good turntables are welcome and that whilst I service many high-end decks, I have just finished a full services on a Rotel RP-2300 and a NAD 5120, both modest belt-drive decks, and both of which have benefited greatly from a little TLC.… Read more

Cherishing Classic Audio