Precision Hi-Fi Repair in Perth, Western Australia

Precision Hi-Fi Repair in Perth, Western Australia

Does your audio gear need some TLC? Liquid Audio is a hi-fi electronics service, repair and restoration specialist based in Perth, Western Australia.

Hi-fi repair is our thing. We love classic hi-fi equipment and providing the TLC necessary to keep it alive and well, or bring it back from the dead!

Hi-Fi repair
Business owner and hi-fi electronics specialist, Mike, in Liquid Audio workshop #1

Liquid Audio offers precision hi-fi repair, service, restoration and modification for most good audio equipment. We don’t charge you for snake oil and nonsense but we will clean, lube, check, adjust, measure, adjust and listen again until no further improvements are possible. Care and attention to detail mean that the job is done properly, once.

We cater for a wide range of good stereo equipment including Pioneer, Kenwood, Technics, Yamaha, Rotel, Denon, Dual, Thorens, Luxman, Rega, Project, SME and more. We specialise in vinyl and turntable servicing and repairs but we work on all good stereo gear from the ’70s onwards.

Service is completed to manufacturer’s specifications and utilizing recommended or better parts, premium oils and using laboratory-grade test and measurement equipment. Every job is afforded the utmost care.

Hi-Fi repair

Repairs start with a careful examination of the equipment so that work can be planned in logical steps. Repairs are always be discussed with the owner of the equipment and options provided where possible.

Hi-Fi repair

Restorations involve a significant amount of work, but properly refurbishing a piece of hi-fi equipment dramatically improves its performance. A Liquid Audio restoration will extract the absolute best from your cherished hi-fi equipment.

Hi-Fi repair
A lovely Krell KSA-200S in Liquid Audio workshop # 2 after a repair and full restoration.

No matter what the job, Liquid Audio approaches each with the same passion, precision and attention to detail. Get in touch via our Contact page to discuss your requirements and get some Liquid Audio mojo into your audio gear!

Liquid Mike

As a kid, I cherished my Tandy 200-in-1 electronics project lab and Dick Smith Funway electronics kits. I had my own little hi-fi at 16. Later, I started Liquid Audio, a specialist hi-fi equipment repair business. Keeping classic hi-fi gear alive and well is what we do. Our mission: to deliver TLC for classic Japanese, American and European hi-fi stereo equipment. In my spare time, I cook, ride, listen to music and research interesting topics.

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  1. Frank Codispoti

    Hi. I’ve got a 1987 Jvc amplifier. It has total distorted sound on both channels. Unintelligible. Can only just make out sounds. When volume goes high, it turns off. I’ve checked inside. It seems like the 2 large 12000uf 75v capacitors on PSU board are gone. Burn marks above on the protective plastic see through covering. Also seems to be holes on sides of capacitors. The rest of unit Powers up perfectly. Good lighting on front displays. It’s a shame. I don’t want to throw it out. The large multifunction touchscreen remote is just worth the keep including all the many features of this amp. Very heavy amp. So many parts inside. Very congested. I also don’t want it to be an expensive fix. I can’t find any 12000uf 75v caps, but altronics has 10000uf 50v.

    1. Liquid Mike

      Hi Frank, get in touch via our Contact form if you have any questions about this lovely old amplifier!

      1. Frank Codispoti

        Hi Mike. I forgot to mention model number. JVC RX950VBK.

  2. Anthony Clarke

    Brought a pair Of Jamo S616 speakers second hand unfortunately two speakers are perished in 1 of them. (A common factor of dealing with purchasing second hand speakers from rip off artists who dont have em hooked up! )

    1. Liquid Mike

      Hi Anthony, thanks for commenting, sorry you’ve had that experience and this raises some obvious advice like avoiding buying equipment you can’t listen to and test. Try my good friend Jason @ The Speaker Doctor, he should be able to sort these out for you.

  3. Kerry Hoadley

    Hi Mike, I have a good quality Sony CD/tape cassette player which works fine apart from not fast forwarding on the tape player – probably the drive belt. Can you fix it?

    1. Liquid Mike

      Hi Kerry, thanks for your enquiry and yes, I can repair most tape deck faults. Enquiries are best sent via my Contact page, so get in touch that way and we find out more about the model and if it’s something I work on. If it is, we can arrange to look at it once I reopen on 12 January.

  4. Emily Dawson

    Hi Mike, We have a SanyoBassxpander CD player which isn’t playing CDs very well? Do you service/repair this type of equipment? And roughly what is the price? Thanks, Emily

    1. Liquid Mike

      Hi Emily, thanks for your enquiry. I’m closed until 12 January but this isn’t the sort of thing I work on or that is generally viable to repair. Kind regards, Mike

  5. Diane Milton

    I have Phillips AS655 Compact Disc HiFi Stereo System and would like to know if you can fix the radio, light, 5 disc cd player loading button doesn’t work in it. the turn table and cassette work. I bought it 26 yrs ago sentilmental value. approx cost. Live in Rockingham

    1. Liquid Mike

      Hi Diane, thanks for your query though it’s best to use my contact form for enquiries like this. I don’t work on midi or mini systems so I cannot assist with this one. Feel free to call during business hours though and we can have a chat about how to sort this one.

  6. Mirelle

    Hi mike
    Can you look at my stereo please. Not sure why but it just stopped working!
    It’s a Cambridge audio .

    1. Liquid Mike

      Hi Mirelle, thanks for your comment and I’d be happy to assist if this is equipment I work on. Give me a call tomorrow or fill out the form on my contact page and we can go from there! Regards, Mike

  7. Glenn

    I have a cheep Sanyo system out in the shed, the tape decks struggle as if the motor hasn’t enough guts also the port for the phono system puts out a distortion (its ok if you plug it into the CD port)

    I would like it repaired is it something you could look at

    1. Mike

      Hi Glenn, this is not the type of equipment I work on so I am not able to assist in this case. Cheers, Mike.

  8. Scott Roberts

    HI Mike

    I recently purchased a musical fidelity A5 integrated amp, and would like it serviced. operationally it seems fine, however there is a static / hum at no volume from the speakers, which doesn’t amplify as the volume is turned up. any thoughts on initial cost to review / potential items that could be causing the hum?

    Thanks, Scott

    1. Mike

      Hi Scott, I would be happy to take a look at her for you but unfortunately I am fully booked for at least the next few weeks. Perhaps give me a call sometime on 0439 690 four three six and we can discuss your amp. Regards, Mike.

      1. Scott Roberts

        Hi Mike, thanks for responding – will give you a call later today. Cheers, Scott

  9. Luke

    Hi Mike,

    I don’t know the first thing about stereo, turntables etc.
    I’ve just picked up a Dual 505-2 turntable from Gumtree, and the owner advised me it needs a replacement belt, and the motor isn’t functioning correctly.

    I was wondering what price range I’d be looking at to have it fixed?

    Kind regards,

    1. Mike

      Hi Luke, welcome to the world of vinyl. I do carry quality German belts for most Dual turntables. Your deck will need a proper service and cartridge alignment, plus belt, hopefully not also a stylus. I would need to see the deck to make sure everything else is OK, but factor in around $95, plus parts. Regards, Mike.

  10. John J


    1. Mike

      Hi John

      There is always a market for Hifi gear, you just need the correct medium. I don’t sell equipment on behalf of others, but eBay or Gumtree are effective for selling hifi gear. Feel free to give me a call on 0439690436 to discuss.

      Kind regards

  11. Ian

    Hi there
    I’m new to the vinyl game
    I have just been gor my first table
    Its a debut iii
    It’s in need of a rewire and a tune
    Can you help
    Thanks Ian

    1. Mike

      Hi Ian
      I can definitely help with this.
      I can provide full service and tune-up for your deck.
      Rewiring is a more serious move and I would not especially recommend it on this deck.
      Call me on my mobile – 0439 690 436 or send me an email to discuss.

  12. Christian

    I have the same issue as TIm above but only one of my Technics 1200s doesn’t turn on. Any suggestions?

    1. Mike

      Hi, I definitely have a few ideas, the deck obviously needs service and a bit of troubleshooting, worth doing too. Send me an email if you would like me to have a look for you. Regards, Mike.

    2. Mike

      I did fix Tim’s deck BTW and he was very happy!

  13. Tim Woolley

    Hi Mike. I have a Dual CS 505 – 2 belt driven turntable. I have not used it for a while and tried to use it today. Absolutely nothing happened. It seems to have no power supply. Does this sound like something you could fix? Look forward to hearing from you.

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