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Quad 44 Preamplifier Service

I’ve just serviced a Quad 44 preamplifier. In this article, I’ll show you what the 44 looks like inside and explain some of its features.

Along with a Quad 405 power amplifier, I recently serviced this Quad 44 preamplifier, both owned by the same customer. I’m told he purchased them after a chat we had about resurrecting his KEF speakers, and purchasing some Quad gear to power them!… Read more

Quad 405 / 405-2 Power Amplifier Review – Understated Elegance

This is the second article in my Quad 405/405-2 series. This time I’ve reviewed the legendary Quad 405-2. Read on to find out why so many people love this great amplifier.

For restoration details, check out my Quad 405-2 restoration article, and my Quad 405 refresh piece.

What an incredible little amplifier the Quad 405 is, even 40+ years later.… Read more

Classic Quad 405-2 Power Amplifier Restoration

I recently acquired a classic Quad 405-2 power amplifier. She sounded fantastic before overhaul, but read on to see how she sounded after!

For some extra reading, check out my Quad 405-2 review and Quad 405 refresh.

The Quad 405-2 is revered by many, even 40 years after its release. It’s not hard to hear how the 405-2 does an amazing job of getting out of the way and just playing the music.… Read more