A heartfelt thank you to all my customers and visitors in 2019, especially those who’ve been kind enough to let me know they appreciated an article, a repair, some advice, or anything for that matter!

I received a really heartwarming thank you email today from my customer, Gary, for fixing his Nakamichi CD player. The work involved a laser replacement and service. I know some repairers would have said: “Too hard, throw it away, not worth repairing, can’t be done”… Perhaps Gary knows this too because he sent me one of the nicest emails I’ve received in a long time and it made my day. Thanks, Gary!

thank you
Thanks, Arthur. How tidy was my disassembly area earlier in the year..?!

It reminded me of earlier this year when my customer Arthur, gave me this beautiful bottle of whiskey as a thank you for servicing his Rega/Magnus Audio/Tron/Bryston system. Another customer, Steven, gave me a six-pack of beer when I repaired his beloved Technics amplifier in April.

Chas, an avid reader of the site, generously donated an Amazon gift card, I think because of some turntable advice and the articles I write. Yet another customer and friend, Tim, just gave me a German pressing of the Led Zeppelin 2, 180 gm, 2014 double-album reissue. I clearly have the world’s greatest customers and readers.

img 7146
This is HEAVY and yes, I’m very lucky…

I don’t always receive thanks or even acknowledgement for what I do, but that’s part of life. Nor is this really about alcohol, records or these individual customers. It’s about how these people remind me that the simple act of showing appreciation can make a difference to someone’s day. Gary’s email certainly improved my day and I appreciate it.

So, I’d like to pass on my thanks to you, my customers, viewers, suppliers and friends. Thanks for your visits, kind words and appreciation and for trusting me with your cherished hi-fi equipment 🙂

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