I’m not in Perth, how do I choose a good local technician?

Try to find someone technically focused, offering sensible prices and advice and able to provide examples of their good work.

When trying to find a good local technician:

  • Find out who’s busy and recommended by others in the know
  • Try to find the best technician rather than the lowest hourly rate
  • Beware of those promising sight-unseen quotes
  • Look at reviews and read the bad ones
  • Be wary of recappers, there are no miracles, only skilled people doing good work

A Tip

One of the best pieces of advice I can offer here is to find the very best hi-fi stores in the largest city near you. Ask who they use to service and repair equipment of the type you own. These stores use technicians they can rely on and should be able to recommend someone who can assist you, or even arrange the repair through their store.


Find someone who inspires confidence and who doesn’t try to quote without inspecting and testing equipment. It may seem tempting to go with such a ‘magic quote’, but stop and ask yourself how that technician knows what’s wrong with your equipment or what condition it’s in.

Also, many or even most faults are not capacitor-related. Replacing a ton of parts might sound like a good idea and many offer this as it seems like they are doing a lot of work, but what if that work isn’t needed and doesn’t solve the problem? Tracing and resolving electronic faults is hard. Look for someone interested in finding the cause of a problem and resolving it.

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