Why do you need to inspect equipment before providing repair cost estimates?

Because most people expect accurate assessments based on what their equipment needs rather than guesswork.

Actually, I don’t think anyone wants guesswork, and yet that’s effectively what you are asking for if you expect a sight-unseen estimate on complex, faulty, electro-mechanical equipment. Nobody can know exactly what your equipment needs without carefully inspecting, testing and diagnosing the issues.

Every piece of hi-fi equipment is unique with unique service history, condition, fault presentation and so on. What exactly are the faults and their causes? Does it contain work like thiscorrosive glue or poor previous work? These details can only be revealed by inspection and no two pieces are the same, even two of the same model.

There are some who provide guesstimates to get your equipment in through the door, but who knows what happens after that. We operate ethically, inspecting your equipment to determine exactly what’s wrong with it, chatting with you about what it needs based on experience and what works within your budget.

Most will immediately see the sense in this approach so if we lose a few who expect sight-unseen ‘quotes’ that’s probably not a bad thing. It’s worth mentioning that none of Perth’s respected repairers provide quotes before inspecting equipment.