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Marantz 2330 Monster Receiver Overhaul Video Teaser

Check out this video I made showing before and after overhauling this incredible, super-rare Marantz 2330 receiver.

The Marantz 2330 is a true monster receiver, like the Pioneer SX-1250 and Sansui G-9000. If you are a monster receiver fan,  and you’ll definitely want to check out this video, and my full article.

In the first part of the video, I open up the Marantz for the first time and discover the terrible state she is in. The second part covers the overhaul I’ve just completed on her.

A full article on the 2330 will drop in the next few days, but can you believe people started offering to buy this baby as soon as I posted the video? I don’t own it, wish I did!

2 thoughts on “Marantz 2330 Monster Receiver Overhaul Video Teaser”

  1. Stephen K. Breuers

    I just watched your presentation on the Marantz 2330, and I loved it. Back in 1977 I purchased one in Germany while in the Army. I was looking for the 2325 in the Army store but they were sold out. I’m glad they were. The adjective I use for this is “a beast.” My buddies purchased the Sansui 9090db, Pioneer sx1250, and the large Tanberg receiver. I figure I got the best deal. No bells nor whistles, just plain kick ass power. One question, my power switch/button is starting to fail. Would you trust this rare gem to the switches on “e-bay?” The Sansui and Pioneer are long gone, out of disrepair. Don’t know about the Tanberg. ///// Thank you very much./////

    1. Hi Stephen and thanks for sharing this great story. I always tend towards repairing things like this, hence my business. If you can find a genuine new part on eBay then that might be worth considering, but genuine new mechanical parts like this are rare and almost anything from China will be fake. These switches are very serviceable with the correct approach, so this is the first and best option. Perhaps you have a good technician locally, if not, you could try servicing the switch yourself.

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