Wharfedale & Richard Allen Speakers For Sale


Happy New Year everybody. I resolved for this year, to sell some of the many audio and electronics-related items I have sitting around gathering dust.

To that end I am starting with some really speaker drivers for sale on eBay. If you check out my eBay auction you will find some lovely Richard Allen 10-inch full-range drivers, some Wharfedale and Vifa tweeters and some superb Morel Elite soft-dome midrange drivers. The Morel and Vifa drivers are brand new, and never used. The Richard Allen and Wharfedale drivers have been carefully removed from the box in which they were originally installed and are rare as rocking horse sh#t!

The Richard Allen drivers are especially interesting, now that there is so much interest in full-range drivers and open baffle designs. The Allen’s can be used in an open baffle very successfully and if you have ever heard speakers like these in an open baffle you will know there is nothing quite like the sound you get from this sort of installation.

The Wharfedale tweeters were together in the same box with the Allen’s. Whilst the Richard Allen drivers are full range, they roll off as all full-range drivers do at the frequency extremes. This means that deep bass will be limited unless they are in a truly massive box, and treble will roll off above around 10kHz, hence the need for a super-tweeter to take care of the higher frequencies.

The Vifa D25 tweeters are legendary, having been used in dozens of commercial and other designs over the years, and are still in production. The Morel mids are spectacular and feature very low distortion, hand-applied doping on the domes and a lovely sealed chamber as part of the design along with an alloy faceplate.

If you have any questions about any of these drivers, be sure to let me know.



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