Ortofon MC Jubilee Moving Coil Cartridge Up Close

This is a short article and video about my Ortofon MC Jubilee moving coil cartridge.

The Ortofon MC Jubilee is an amazingly good cartridge. My understanding is that Ortofon sold quite a few of the, despite the high price. Here in Australia, they retailed for around $2700 AUD. That didn’t deter me and I found a new one selling for quite a bit less than that.

Ortofon views this cartridge as a modern classic and after owning one for many years, I agree. They have a dedicated page about the MC Jubilee where you can read more about the features and benefits of the design.

The Jubilee features a thin boron cantilever, silver windings, low impedance and a nude Shibata diamond – a seriously potent combination of features that help this cartridge sound as great as it does.

This wonderful cartridge is now for sale – visit this article for more!


Liquid Mike

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