Does your audio gear need some TLC?

Liquid Audio is based in Carine, Western Australia and is a business with the skills and equipment to breathe life back into your cherished gear.

We cater for a wide range of good stereo equipment including Pioneer, Kenwood, Technics, Yamaha, Rotel, Denon, Dual, Thorens, Luxman, Rega, Project, SME and more. We specialise in vinyl and turntable servicing and repairs but we work on all good stereo gear from the ’70s onwards.

Servicing is completed to the manufacturer’s specifications and utilizing recommended or better parts, premium oils and using laboratory-grade test and measurement equipment. Every job is afforded the utmost care.


Repairs start with a careful examination of the equipment so that work can be planned in logical steps. Repairs are always be discussed with the owner of the equipment and options provided where possible.

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Restorations are fewer in number, but take up more time because of the amount of work required to properly refurbish a piece of hifi equipment. A Liquid Audio restoration will dramatically elevate the performance of your cherished hi-fi equipment.

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Good, old-fashioned service is how I like to think of it and all this is right here in Perth, Western Australia! Get in touch with Mike via our Contact page, to discuss your requirements and get some Liquid Audio mojo into your audio gear!

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4 thoughts on “Premium Service for Audio Equipment in Perth”

  1. Hi There, a few years back i bought a Phillips Carnaby Mini Module Portable Record Player for my dad [Original purchase date-23/12/72]. The player does not spin and requires servicing. Would you be interested in looking at the player for me? If so what is your address and what is your fee structure.

    1. Hi Clay

      Thanks for the message. My rate is $75 per hour but I also have standard servicing charges, for example turntable servicing starts at $95 for a comprehensive service, plus parts, for most decks.

      Get back in touch if I can help you out. I have a few jobs in line to complete first but will help out if I can.



  2. Hi, I have a Musical Fidelity CD player, A1008 which has stopped working. There is no power, after the system is turned on.
    Is this system something which you would have experience off and be able to work on ?

    1. Hi Glen, I haven’t worked on the A1008, but most modern MF gear is constructed in a similar way. I could take a look, but not for a while as I have plenty of work to complete at the moment. Contact me through the contact page to discuss further, regards, Mike.

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