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Arcam Alpha 5 CD Player Repair & Upgrade

Come with me for a look inside my lovely Arcam Alpha 5 CD player, repaired, improved and now enjoyed by her current lucky owner!

Many of you will know just how much I love the older Philips TDA1541A DAC-equipped players like this stunning Arcam Alpha 5 CD player.

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2 thoughts on “Arcam Alpha 5 CD Player Repair & Upgrade”

  1. R. Blair Clarkson

    I have an Alpha 5 CD player only used a few times before put in storage yrs ago. I just got it out hooked up and it lights up and track timer reads playing but no output. Anyway I am interested in fix and upgrades as per your article what would approx cost be ? Regards R. B. Clarkson

    1. Hi Blair, thanks for your enquiry. Jobs like this vary unit by unit according to condition and exactly what we do in each case. In your case there is also a repair of unknown scope. Estimating costs on something unknown without assessing it is not possible unfortunately. Feel free to fill out the contact form on my contact page which is the place to discuss your specific requirements. I am fully booked right now, but happy to assist when bookings become available.

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