How is Liquid Audio different?

There are many aspects of our approach that make us different.

I have a genuine love of hi-fi gear. I love working on it, love the history and classic designs and find it incredibly satisfying focusing on the tiny details necessary to have it running at its absolute best. Quality is our ultimate focus and there aren’t many who can make that claim. There are a heck of a lot of pretenders and copy-cats out there, but go back to my oldest articles and you’ll see we’ve been actually doing great work, all this time.

Everything from our premium tools and test equipment to the way we approach things is different. But it’s not just this. I’m old fashioned. I believe in courtesy, professionalism and being straightforward with people. If I don’t want to work on something, I’ll say so, and tell you why. Likewise, if someone has ripped you off or poorly repaired something you own, I’ll tell you that too.

I own this business and I service and repair everything, run the website and write the articles. I’ve been contributing to the hi-fi community for more than a decade but you won’t find me in forums, I find them largely wasteful of time and energy, that’s part of the reason I created this website. Other repairers haven’t written or contributed anything, let alone hundreds of articles and hundreds of thousands of words on vintage hi-fi equipment.