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Gorgeous Philips RH 750 Receiver & Why We Love Hi-Fi!

A very quick update to welcome in 2018, and to share this stunning piece of vintage hi-fi gear.

I think we can all agree, it’s pieces like this beautiful Philips RH 750 receiver, with its warm tones and smile-inducing vintage aura, that make classic 70’s gear so desirable.

The Philips RH 750

Seriously, this is one of the best looking pieces of hi-fi gear I’ve ever worked on. In technical terms, she’s nothing special but oozes charm and cool vintage vibes. She has just enough power to drive a small pair of speakers, a nice AM/FM tuner, a phono preamp and the aforementioned handful of Watts per channel.

The incredible thing is, there are tons more cool pieces like this RH 750 out there. You might pay around a hundred bucks for an RH 750 and you’d have the basis for a great little hi-fi system.

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So, how does this beauty sound? Good! It’s warm-sounding, quite the antidote to much of today’s often leaner, brighter-sounding gear. Not an op-amp to be seen and a lovely discrete output stage. Old-school hi-fi like this is a real pleasure to work on, to own and listen to.

Maintenance on gear like this RH 750 isn’t expensive, and well worth doing. Freshly serviced, she is purring again and will no doubt bring many more years of enjoyment to her owner. So if ever there was an example of where giving your cherished hi-fi gear a little TLC, rather than putting it out on the verge and buying something new and awful is a smart move, this is it!

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WOW, this thing is pretty!
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Literally stunning, maybe I just like green but all I can say is wow!

Be careful if you find one of these in non-working condition. I had one come in and the more I dug, the more I found it needed in terms of repairs. Basic maintenance is one thing but always be wary of equipment missing fuses, fuse holders, power cables etc. This is a sign that someone doesn’t want you to turn it on.

If you have an RH 750 or something like it and you’d like to give it a little TLC, get in touch.

5 thoughts on “Gorgeous Philips RH 750 Receiver & Why We Love Hi-Fi!”

  1. I have this amp! I found this article searching for information about it. Awesome bit of kit, just wish I could find a manual for it or some offical specs.

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