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Krell KAV-300cd CD Player Repair & Restoration

In my second #Krellmonth article, I look at the repair and restoration of this lovely Krell KAV-300cd compact disc player. Thanks for joining me for my second #Krellmonth article. The Krell KAV-300cd CD player is a beautiful machine from the late ’90s, a period when Redbook CD was reaching maturity and producing some really lovely […]

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Krell KAV-280p Preamplifier Repair

Here’s a nice little repair and overhaul I recently did on a lovely Krell KAV-280p preamplifier. Let’s call this the first article in #Krellmonth! The modest Krell KAV-280p may not be a high-end preamplifier in Krell terms like the Krell KRC-HR or Krell PAM-7, but what it lacks in tech and high-end parts, it makes

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