What irritates you?!

There aren’t many things that irritate me in my line of work, but since you asked…

People who drain time, energy and goodwill.

For me, the one-way ‘brain drain’ is constant, but a special few will take whatever they can get without ever giving anything back and expect you to always be there to answer questions, often without bringing any business of their own. Frustrating.

People who make bookings and then don’t show up

Wow, this is an annoying one, it happens rarely but when you are stuck waiting for someone who never shows up it can seriously mess up your workflow.


Every word, image, and technical detail you see on this website comes from my brain. Sadly, the same cannot be said for some others out there, some of whom borrow heavily from my website and approach.

When people repeatedly ask if I’ve looked at their equipment

I understand everyone wants their equipment looked at quickly, but if I’ve explained that we’re fully booked, please don’t repeatedly call me to ask if it’s ready!

Disrespectful people

Very occasionally, I will deal with a rude or otherwise unpleasant individual. The great thing about running your own business is that you get to decide who your customers will be. My colleagues and I keep a list of people who’ve upset one or more of us and who we will not assist.

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