Harman/Kardon T-20 Turntable Service

I recently serviced this gorgeous little Harman/Kardon T-20 belt-drive turntable.

Harman/Kardon, or H/K as they were known, made some lovely gear, all of it uniquely styled and much of it uniquely engineered as well. There are some quite desirable pieces out there and for a simple direct-drive vinyl spinner, this tasty little T-20 is well worth a look.

An FG (frequency generator) servo provides exceptional rotational accuracy in a modestly priced turntable. A pitch control lets you adjust for speed variations, thereby maintaining consistent accuracy. A high mass platter helps ensure that the accuracy is kept play after play, and a combination rubber/coil spring suspension located in the feet isolates the chassis from vibration. A low mass tonearm, capacitance trim, cueing, and anti-skating are all standard features.


Belt-drive, FG Servo with pitch control
Low mass, low friction, straight tonearm
Carbon fibre headshell
Spring-loaded rubber feet
Phono capacitance trim control
Vibration absorbent wood base

Thanks to the Vinyl Engine, specifications for the Harman/Kardon T-20:

Type: semi-automatic
Wow and flutter: 0.045%
Rumble: -65dB
Pitch range: +-3%
Tonearm effective length: 226mm
Overhang: 18mm
Offset angle: 25.5 degrees
Effective mass: 8g
Tracking force: 0 to 3g
Dimensions: 386 x 134 x 360mm
Weight: 5kg




2 thoughts on “Harman/Kardon T-20 Turntable Service”

  1. I just thought that I would mention that the H/K T20:is a belt-driven turntable, not a direct-drive unit.

    1. Absolutely correct and thanks for pointing this out Stan, I had it right in the features, just not the headline and it went unnoticed for a very long time!

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