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Latest Hi-Fi Equipment for Sale #28

Check out some of the latest hi-fi equipment to arrive.

I’ve finally had a chance to add the latest equipment for sale to the Store, for your perusal.

We have a collection of serious pieces for sale here, mostly amplifiers and a lovely CD transport. As usual, every piece has been expertly inspected, tested, cleaned and serviced, and carries a three-month warranty.

Each amplifier on offer is great in its own right. If you want a powerful and stylish all-in-one solution, the NAD M3 integrated is perfect. If you want a serious pre/power combo and some vintage hi-fi goodness, the legendary Luxman C-03 and M-03 should fit the bill. If you need five channels of home cinema power that actually sound good, the Nakamichi PA-1 we have for sale is perfect.

I like some of these pieces so much I want to keep them! Alas, that would be ridiculous, so here they all are, all equipment for sale for your enjoyment.

Visit our Store for all the details and other great stuff for sale.

C-03, M-03, for sale!
Yep, the Luxman C-03B and M-03B are an iconic pre/power combination packing a serious punch and this pair is close to perfect.
The NAD Masters Series M3 Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier is a sweet-looking, great-sounding amplifier, in close to pristine condition.
Nakamichi PA-1
This Nakamichi PA-1 monster multi-channel amplifier is a true beast. Need five equal channels of real linear power? This is your amplifier!
Rega Jupiter
The Rega Jupiter CD Transport is a very cool, great-sounding transport, ready to connect to your favourite DAC for some bargain Redbook hi-fi enjoyment!

As always, visit our Store for more details or get in touch via my Contact form!

4 thoughts on “Latest Hi-Fi Equipment for Sale #28”

  1. Hi liquid Mike I’m setting up a new turntable so I need an amp but don’t want to spend a fortune is $300-$400 realistic for a half decent unit. Thanks

    1. Hi Bryan, I’ll need some details to be able to answer this one for you: What’s the TT? What’s the rest of the system? What does “half-decent” mean to you? What type of music do you like? In a nutshell, $300 – $400 gets nothing worth buying new and something basic but reasonable second-hand, if spent sensibly. If you’d like to discuss some of those details, hop over to the contact form, send an advice request and fill me in with a bit more info. We also have a few nice pieces in the store, so feel free to check those out and let me know if you have any questions.

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