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Pioneer PL-514 Turntable Service – An Affordable Gem

The Pioneer PL-514 belt-drive turntable is an absolute classic. There’s really not much more to add, so come and find out why.

The Pioneer PL-514 is a high-quality, great-sounding belt-drive deck from one of the big Japanese manufacturers. In terms of build and performance, like so much other Japanese gear, it puts many other belt-drive decks to shame.… Read more

Kenwood KP-2022 Belt-Drive Turntable Service

I’ve just finished servicing this lovely old Kenwood KP-2022 belt-drive turntable. The owner asked me if it was worth servicing the old girl. You can imagine my reply!

They just don’t make them like this any more and this Kenwood is a particularly cool deck. The KP-2022 needed a full service, new belt, main bearing lubrication and motor lube as well.… Read more

Thorens TD-125 Turntable Repair & Restoration

Come along as I repair and restore this beautiful Thorens TD-125 Mark 2 which sat non-functional in a pile of dust and dirt for many years.

The Thorens TD-125 clearly hadn’t been operational in a long time and when my friend’s father – Neil, the owner –  expressed disappointment that he wasn’t able to play his records any more, I decided to completely repair and restore it for him.… Read more