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Rare Kenwood KD-600 and KD-650 Parts Available!

A heads-up for owners of Kenwood KD-600 and KD-650 turntables: some excellent new Kenwood KD-600 and KD-650 parts are now available, and I’ve tested them!

I love it when creative people come up with innovative solutions to problems. In this case, a customer I assisted with a KD-600 repair by way of one of our consults has developed some reproduction Kenwood KD-600 and KD-650 parts and is happy to supply them to owners who might be interested. This is very good news for owners of these machines.

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Ahh, memories, my beautiful Kenwood KD-600. I loved this machine!

Regular visitors will know exactly how I feel about these wonderful turntables. I owned a KD-600 for many years, and have serviced and repaired many. I’ve written extensively about the virtues of these decks and the often quite challenging repair process here, here, here for example, and in a video, here.

These are wonderful turntables. I only sold mine because I own a Kenwood L-07DII and a Luxman PD-350 and couldn’t justify the space these things take up, or storing a beauty like this 🤣

Reproduction Parts

Rick, the maker I’m referring to, has created two reproduction parts, specifically:

  • Hinges – the genuine parts have been unavailable for many years, others are available but not a perfect fit.
  • The wooden plinth/base – the ARCB chassis sits on this wooden base and the feet attach to it.


The older-style plastic Kenwood hinges always break, specifically the plastic backing piece warps and fails where the spring impinges against it. Later metal hinges are the best option, but have been out of production for decades.

These new 3D-printed hinges look great and have a metal reinforcement plate built in. They re-use the existing metal carrier and spring, whilst replacing the fragile plastic backing piece that fails. They cost $70 a pair.

Kenwood KD-600 and KD-650 Parts
These are reproduction hinges, 3D printed and reinforced with a metal plate. They don’t come with springs or other metal parts, so your original broken hinges are required as donors.

Wooden Base/Plinth

These custom CNC-machined wooden bases look amazing and will definitely freshen up a tired-looking KD-600 or KD-650. This birch ply base replaces the standard chipboard factory base that the ARCB chassis sits on. It’s also a little thicker and more substantial, and far less likely to wear like the chipboard original.

I suggest that this new birch ply base will be better than the chipboard original and should improve the sonic performance of any KD-600 or KD-650. Birch ply is a lovely material, stiffer and denser than chip/particle board. Remember, mass and rigidity are critically important elements of any good turntable. That’s why all really good turntables are heavy and rigid.

But Mike, my Rega P-whatever is made of foam and only weighs only 2kg, because Roy Gandy says that’s better.

Someone, somewhere, soon…

I know I know, and VTA isn’t important either. Coincidentally, foam turntables are also cheap to make and look kinda fancy when you aren’t inquisitive about the physics, so there’s that. It’s ‘special’ foam though.

But I digress, let’s get back to metal, wood and synthetic granite. These CNC-machined birch ply bases currently cost $285, a bargain in my opinion.

Kenwood KD-600 and KD-650 Parts
Check out this CNC-machined wooden plinth/base for the Kenwood KD-600 / KD-650. Wow, this is an impressive-looking part, it even contains the holes for making adjustments, though the base really should be off for that anyway.
Kenwood KD-600 and KD-650 Parts
This looks great, doesn’t it? I’m impressed, I’d be grabbing one of these if I still owned a KD-600 or KD-650.
Kenwood KD-600 and KD-650 Parts
Detail showing the routed cutaways for the motor and transformer. The maker went to great trouble here to get everything spot on.
Kenwood KD-600 and KD-650 Parts
Detail showing the bevelled edge on the outside of the reproduction wooden base. I’d maybe prefer a square-cut edge per the original, but this bevelled-edged or bull-nosed version is growing on me. Rick, the maker of these parts, advises in the comments below that both square-cut and bevelled edges are available, so you can specify which you’d prefer.

Results With a Customer’s KD-650

I’m pleased to report that I have now fitted both a new set of hinges and a wooden base to a customer’s KD-650 and the results are excellent. Parts quality is great and I was impressed by how well things went together.

I was able to remove and disassemble the old hinges, assemble and install the new ones, remove the old base and covers, and assemble and install the new base/covers within my one-hour standard minimum. This is an affordable and very sensible upgrade for KD-600 / KD-650 owners.

img 3821
Original hinges and new parts laid out prior to disassembly/reassembly.
img 3822
Reassembled hinges, ready for installation. I use synthetic grease as part of the process, it helps the rebuilt hinges work much more smoothly.
img 3826
Rebuilt hinges look good, like new in fact. I only needed to slightly clean out the holes to precisely 4mm to accept the hinge pins.
img 3825
The hinges come supplied with nice new hardware, including these Allen screws and plastic washers. Nice.
img 3830
Here we see the perfectly machined base. This is an exact replica of the original, only better.
img 3832
Here it is after transferring the covers from the original. The only fiddly part is removing the plastic transformer cover, I supplied four screws to affix it to the new base. If you were not familiar with these machines, you would never guess that this wasn’t factory.
img 3833
img 3834
Job done! I am very pleased with this result and can recommend these parts without hesitation.

Dear Mike

Very happy with the work and the parts. So happy the lid stays open. I can’t tell any difference in sound, but it just sounds fabulous! So, I’m glad I did the plinth too.

Dealing with Rick was a pleasure. Quick, polite, direct and responsive. And you, of course, are a gem. We are so lucky to have someone as passionate, intelligent, ethical and hardworking in little ol Perth.

Bravo to you both.

David H


To order these parts, you can contact Rick, the maker, directly. You can reach Rick via email:

Mention that Liquid Mike sent you 😉

If you are a Perth local, I’d be happy to fit these parts for you. You can reach me via the contact page. Note that Liquid Audio doesn’t offer retail sales of service parts.


I have no affiliation with the seller and do not sell these parts. I have seen and installed these parts though and can vouch for their excellent quality.


I’m always happy to promote well-engineered products that may benefit my customers. If you are an independent maker and have something that you’d like to discuss, get in touch.

4 thoughts on “Rare Kenwood KD-600 and KD-650 Parts Available!”

  1. Thanks for the plug and your assistance with diagnosing my KD-650 issue Mike!

    Appreciate the feedback on the beveled edge of the base, I can make them either way and a square edge is one less machining step so I’m happy if someone wants one like that, keep in mind this new material is 5.5-6mm thicker which is the depth of the bevel in this case, so the non bevelled part would be 17.5-18mm deep, the full depth of the birch ply.

    Note the feet and other features are recessed deeper so the deck still sits at the factory height.

      1. Don’t worry about your glorious KD-600 Mike I am taking exceptionally good care of it mate. It plays like a dream Thanks again for letting me purchase it back then.

        1. Hi Terry, great to hear from you and as one of my favourite OG customers, that deck always had your name on it, my friend. I wish I’d kept the KD-600 in a way, but I’m glad you have her because I know she’s being very well cared for!

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