Liquid Audio offers unique and specialized hi-fi equipment service. Here, you’ll find an FAQs area, with answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Why ‘Liquid Audio’?

Because I love classic hi-fi gear and it needs specialized care. Nothing gives me more pleasure than a customer telling me their turntable sounds better than it ever has after a visit with me.

Is there a Liquid Audio philosophy?

There is, avoid audio BS and do what really improves the performance of audio equipment! My goal is to spare you the pain of paying for ‘directional cables’ made by druids. Instead, I focus on delivering real sonic and functional improvements, by doing what actually works – amazing huh?!

Where are you located?

Carine, Perth, Western Australia.

What equipment do you service?

All classic stereo gear, back to around 1970. I specialize in turntables, but do lots of work on vintage amplifiers and have perhaps the only proper setup in WA for aligning FM stereo tuners.

What don’t you work on?

Stereograms, three-in-one systems, tape decks, home cinema gear, toasters, video recorders, kettles.

Awesome, can I bring all my equipment to you immediately?

Unfortunately not! In order to streamline workflow, jobs need to be booked in and some need to be planned in advance – there is only one of me!

Do you do warranty repairs?

No, I’m not interested in repairing equipment under warranty. There are brand repair agents in Perth and then can stick to that.

Can you tell me how much my repair will cost beforehand?

That depends, but probably not. It’s like this – often, audio gear will exhibit faults that cannot be understood until digging a little deeper. I generally need to inspect equipment properly to make sensible estimates.

I’m in a real rush, can you repair my equipment right away, while I wait?

No and if you want the work done properly you might want to avoid anyone who reckons they can!

Can you sell me an ‘XYZ’ cartridge and a belt for my turntable?

I don’t operate a retail store, but can happily supply and fit these parts to your deck as part of a service that will maximize the benefits of fitting those parts.

Why should I choose Liquid Audio?

Because you want audio mojo flowing back into your gear and you want the best possible result for your hard-earned dollar. Investing in a Liquid Audio service, restoration or modification will give your gear some of the best TLC available, anywhere.

How do I get in contact?

Easy, use the contact form form to reach out to Mike, anytime!

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